Patient’s Story of Smooth Endoscopy Visit

Background Story:

“On and off Diarrhea, cramping, excess gas.  Doctor listened to me describing my symptoms and asked questions.   He prescribed an endoscopy to rule out certain problems.”

Comments about the Procedure:

“The day of the endoscopy I was checked in promptly.  I had a wait of about 10 minutes until the nurse escorted to a prep room.  The nurse was unbelievably efficient.  He was informative and responded to all questions I had.  Then I was wheeled to another room right across from the procedure room.  This nurse was also male and explained the steps in the procedure.  Then I was wheeled into the procedure room where I met the assistant and the anesthesiologist who also explained their part.  When the doctor was ready, they gave me a drug to put me out.  It worked very quickly.  Next thing I knew I was back in the recovery room.  They brought my husband back.  I had to wait about another 20 min. while they monitored my vital signs before I was released.  The nurse escorted me to the exit.”

“I was there less than an hour.  If I had to have the procedure done, that was the place to do it.  All personnel were efficient, personable and informative.  I would recommend this facility to anyone!”

Elms Digestive Patient from Angie’s List