Elms Digestive Offers Great & Fast Service

“Very good experience with Elms. Everyone is great.” -Dan Spicer

“Thank God for Elms Digestive Disease Center and the wonderful staff that cared for me.” -Amanda Lewis

“Always doing a great job.” -William Clarke

“Elms staff was extremely helpful with any questions I had from the procedure to and including billing questions. I have the procedure yearly at this point and when I call for anything I’m always greeted with care and concern. I’m grateful to Elms – saved my life.” -Beth Lyons

“What you do saved my life.” -Michael Clemens

“Choosing Elms Digestive was the right choice.” -Andrew J. Mongomery Sr.

“I am one of those people that waited to long for my first colonoscopy. Colon cancer was found at 69 years, but still caught it in time. My advice is an early colonoscopy.” -Trevor Shattuckveb

” I have been experiencing digestive issues for four years. I have seen two other doctors but unfortunately, did not have any success. I then decided to see Dr. Goodear because of his outstandin reviews on Angie’s List. I liked him from the start! The staff was nice and efficient and I waited no more than 15 minutes. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Goodear. or the facility.” -Elms Digestive Patient from Angie’s List

“The first time I visited Elms Digestive, I only had to wait 10 minutes until I was escorted by a nurse to a prep room. The nurse was unbelievably efficient, informative and answered all my questions. The proceedure was very quick and the doctors took good care of me and released me in a timely manner. Overall, I was satisfied with the whole process and I would absolutely recommned this facility to anyone!”- Elms Digestive Patient from Angie’s List