Direct Access Colonoscopy


We know you are busy and your time is valuable. That is why we have developed Direct Access Colonoscopy. It is an easy way for you and your loved ones to schedule a screening colonoscopy without the inconvenience of an office visit. If you are in good health, simply call our dedicated colon cancer screening nurses to be scheduled. Please take advantage of this valuable program designed to save you time, and possibly, your life.

The American Cancer Society recommends colon cancer screening begin at age 50 (age 40 if there is a family history of colon cancer or polyps.)

This is a simple procedure that allows your physician to look inside the colon for polyps, cancers, inflammation, causes for abdominal pain, and bleeding. Colonoscopies performed at our Elms Endoscopy Center will be done with the assistance of an anesthesiologist to ensure you are comfortable and asleep during your procedure.

Please enter your full name, phone number and birthdate in the form to the right or call (843) 797-6800 Ext. 146 to speak with a specially trained colon cancer screening nurse and schedule your colonoscopy.

For an instructional tutorial on colonoscopy, please click here.